The idea for AVCO was conceived in July 2019 by founder Sue Hurst when, out running in her village, she came across friend and fellow runner Neil, husband of internationally renowned guitarist Xuefei Yang. They got chatting about music and the orchestras Sue plays in.  She mentioned how she would love to play the Rodrigo Guitar Concerto with Fei.  Then and there, Neil volunteered Fei's services and it wasn't long before Classic FM's John Brunning's name was mentioned, and he was invited into their discussions.   A Spanish themed concert around the Rodrigo was planned, including the opportunity to debut one of John Brunning's new pieces, making for an attractive programme which would be enjoyed by both audience and players.  Sue wanted a large venue, so she approached Waterside Theatre who offered dates - initially in 2021, until Covid struck!  In the meantime, Sue decided to form a new orchestra made up of the best players she could find from all of the orchestras in and around Aylesbury and beyond.  Some are professionals and some are amateurs, but all are 100% committed to the orchestra and to supporting Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity.  Sue was "bowled over" by how supportive everyone was in making the inaugural concert such a success.

Sue chose Florence Nightingale Hospice to receive the money because in 2018 she lost a dear friend and colleague, Clare Carter, to Breast Cancer.  Clare was supported by the Hospice for many months and Sue knew that the Hospice provided Clare with great comfort and reassurance.  When Sue visited her in the Hospice, it struck her how kind and supportive the nurses and all the staff were, and the sense of peace that the buildings and grounds gave.  Their volunteers made tea for the relatives which was just so kind.  It's not just that Clare was in the absolute best place that she could be, but it was also that relatives and friends were supported too.  Everyone there was going through the same thing, so you didn't feel quite so alone and scared.  Somehow, it made a difference to the dreadful situation Clare and her family and friends were having to cope with.  It really helped to be with people who understood and could help you through the process, providing not just medical care but also support and reassurance.

AVCO perform only for charitable causes.   

Our inaugural concert, "Spanish Fiesta", was on 27 February 2022, featuring guitarist Xuefei Yang

Our 2nd concert, "Fantasia", was on 25 June 2023, featuring violinist Fenella Humphreys.

Our third concert , "Appassionata", will be on 17 March 2024, featuring pianist Juanjo Blanquez.  Details are here:  Link

 Please use the Contact Us page to provide feedback or if you would be interested in playing in the next concert. Thank you!